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Multiplayer Millionaire


Multiplayer Millionaire introduces a twist to the traditional Millionaire game. Enjoy playing the game you know and love while competing against others!

Create a Character - Give yourself a nickname and aim to finish your trophy collection! Customize your character by purchasing new outfits with the money you've earned in the Solo and Multiplayer modes. Can you collect all of the outfits and earn all of the trophies?

Multiplayer Mode - Match up with 3 random opponents and see who can score the highest. Earn a multiplier bonus to your cash winnings based on how many opponents you beat.

Solo Mode - Set new highs and earn trophies in single player mode. The traditional trivia game that you know and love.

Lifelines - The three traditional life lines are at your disposal. Ask the audience, call a friend, and use the 50/50 lifelines on your way to the $1,000,000!

With thousands of questions and customization options you can rest assured knowing that you are going to have a unique experience. Test your general knowledge in history, sports, science, pop culture, and so much more in Multiplayer Millionaire!

You Are A

Want to find out who you really are? Click the four changing words on the screen and find out today! Share your results with the chat and communicate by using emojis or quick chat.

- Point and click on the four changing words to find out the result.
- Use Emojis, quick chat, or share your last result with the chat!
- Change your name.
- Thousands of different results.

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In progress

In progress

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